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Designing for Stress Reduction: Creating Calming Spaces in High-Pressure Environments

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In today's fast-paced world, stress is an unfortunate constant. Long hours, demanding deadlines, and the constant buzz of activity can impact employee well-being and productivity. But what if the design of your workspace could help reduce stress and boost performance?

Layrd Design is a commercial interior design studio specialising in crafting inspiring and functional workspaces. We believe that design shouldn't just be aesthetically pleasing. It should actively contribute to employee well-being and peak performance. We're passionate about sustainability, inclusivity, and creating environments that promote calmness and focus.

Here's how we incorporate stress-reduction principles into our workspace designs:

Strategic Space Planning

Clutter breeds chaos. We optimise layouts to minimise noise and visual distractions, which can significantly decrease employee focus and output. This includes strategic furniture placement, incorporating soundproofing materials and creating designated areas for focused work. We analyse your workflow and employee needs to create a layout that includes dedicated areas for teamwork that won’t disrupt your company ecosystem. It's important to understand employee needs and work styles. We gather input through surveys or workshops to understand preferences and create the right space for your team.

Acoustic booth in workspace design for private working, concentration and meetings.

Designing Meeting Spaces for Stress-Free Interaction

Meetings are a crucial part of any workplace, but traditional conference rooms can often feel sterile, intimidating and uncomfortable. This can stifle creativity and lead to stressful interactions. Conventional head-of-the-table layout reinforces hierarchy and can discourage participation from junior team members. We move away from cold, formal layouts and create welcoming spaces designed to promote equal participation. Flexible furniture arrangements allow for different configurations based on the meeting type, such as formal meetings, presentations and small group discussions. 

Meeting table in office design for collaboration and creativity.

Integrating Natural Elements

Biomimicry is the practice of incorporating elements of nature's design into buildings. There are subtle ways to combine natural elements for a calming workspace beyond planting. Using nature-inspired colour palettes, organic shapes and natural textures can create a restorative workplace for a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. Installing light fixtures that mimic natural sunlight patterns can help improve energy levels and even assist with sleep schedules. 

Integrating natural textures into workspace interior design to create calming spaces.

Encouraging Movement and Flexibility

People need to move throughout the day to stay focused. Introducing active workstations with sit-stand desking can increase energy levels, reduce back pain and minimise discomfort. Incorporating walking paths and relaxation rooms encourages breaks and exercise. Even light activity can positively impact mood and stress levels, enhancing cognitive function. You can also boost employee well-being and productivity with an integrated on-site gym. We design functional and stylish fitness facilities that seamlessly blend with your overall office aesthetic. This translates to a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

Corporate gym interior design for workspace projects.

A Sense of Control

Feeling in control of your environment can significantly reduce stress. We incorporate elements like adjustable lighting, allowing employees to personalise the brightness and temperature of their workspace. Operable partitions mean employees can create semi-private spaces. Personal storage solutions ensure employees can keep their work area organised and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by a messy environment. 31% of office workers think a messy workspace increases their stress levels. This empowers employees to personalise their workspace and fosters a sense of ownership. 

Office floor with sit-stand desking, ergonomic chairs and acoustic panelling for employee wellbeing.

Collaborative Design

We understand that every company has unique needs. One-size-fits-all doesn't work for workspaces. What promotes calm for one employee might not be the same for another. We work closely with you to understand your company culture, employee needs, and brand identity. This allows us to create a workspace that not only promotes calmness and reduces stress, but also fosters productivity and collaboration, reflecting your unique company spirit.

Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can help improve your employee experience.

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