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The Future of Lab Design: Envisioning Holistic Design in Cambridge's Thriving Science Hub

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Cambridge is synonymous with academic excellence and ground-breaking research. This vibrant city boasts a unique concentration of science parks, research facilities, and world-class universities, fostering a dynamic environment for scientific discovery. At Layrd Design, we understand the specific needs of these institutions and offer a comprehensive approach to lab interior design that goes beyond the bench.

Lab interior design at Source Bioscience in Cambridge.

One-Stop Solution for Cohesive Lab Design


Gone are the days of isolated labs. Modern scientific research thrives on collaboration and the free flow of ideas. We specialise in creating integrated science hubs. Our designers form lab environments that seamlessly blend dedicated research spaces with workspaces, collaborative areas, break rooms, and wellness facilities. We take a holistic approach, ensuring each element complements the others, fostering both productivity and a sense of community within research facilities. Speaking to the user to understand their needs is an integral part of our process for successful lab design.


Interior design of collaborative spaces at Cambridge tech start-up Riverlane.

Optimising Lab Functionality


Our expertise extends beyond aesthetics. We understand the critical requirements of a modern lab – safety, efficiency, and adaptability. We collaborate with specialists to ensure labs meet all safety and compliance standards while working with facility managers to integrate the desired look and feel. Whether it's a high-containment facility or a general-purpose lab, we ensure the space is equipped with the latest technology and ergonomically designed furniture to maximise efficiency.

Cambridge lab interior design with facility fit-out at Source Bioscience.

Beyond Research: Rejuvenation and Connection


Recognising the importance of well-being, we create inviting breakout zones that provide researchers with a space to relax, recharge, and connect with colleagues. These spaces may incorporate biophilic design elements – natural light, plants, and calming colours – to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Additionally, we can design on-site gyms or fitness areas, encouraging physical activity and promoting a healthy work-life balance for researchers.

Gym interior design at East Grinstead Sports Club with cardio equipment, high ceilings and biophilia.

Shared Resources, Shared Success

Lab clusters within science parks offer a concentration of brilliant minds. However, they often lack the built-in amenities that spark collaboration. Here's where design steps in to go beyond functionality. By incorporating welcoming cafes bustling with activity, researchers can connect informally over coffee, sparking unexpected partnerships. Dedicated co-working spaces with flexible furniture and whiteboards can become hubs for knowledge exchange. Additionally, bookable meeting rooms equipped with presentation technology can facilitate focused discussions and joint projects. Collaboration isn't just about work; fostering a sense of community is crucial. This focus on creating shared spaces allows businesses to leverage the collective expertise, ultimately driving the ecosystem of the cluster.

Booth seating at workspace interior design project, Riverlane, encouraging employee connection and collaboration.

A Cambridge-based Design Studio


Located in the heart of this thriving scientific hub, Layrd Design is uniquely positioned to access and understand the specific needs of Cambridge's research facilities. Our integrated approach to lab design fosters creativity, collaboration, and scientific innovation, ultimately driving the ground-breaking research that Cambridge is known for.


Contact us today to discuss how we can design a blended lab environment that empowers your research team.


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