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Workspace Design: Cat A and Cat B Fit-Outs

Before you begin an office design or fit-out process, you need to know which services are available and which option fits your company's requirements. We specialise in Cat A and Cat B fit-outs for workspace design, primarily focusing on Cat B as a character-driven interior design company. We offer practical design solutions, considering how we can enhance staff wellness and employee productivity through commercial office design schemes. This post breaks down what’s included with Cat A and Cat B fit-outs to help you decide what’s best for your space.


The Basics


An office fit-out makes a space suitable for occupation. Cat A and Cat B fit-outs serve different purposes, with Cat A being the base or foundational finish of a workspace and Cat B being a completely customised office optimised for your company.

What is a Cat A Fit-out?


Cat A fit-outs provide a primary level of finish, such as raised floors, suspended ceilings and basic mechanical and electrical services. These are necessary design elements that make up the base state of the space. Cat A works are usually needed when a landlord is looking to lease an office and is planning to upgrade the space. Cat A works are also needed when a tenant is moving offices and is required to return a space to its original condition.


What Does a Cat A Fit-out Include?


•          Raised floors

•          Carpet tile specification and installation

•          Suspended ceiling finishes

•          Basic mechanical and electrical services

•          Lighting layout to comply with LUX requirements

•          Fire detection services and smoke alarms

•          Air-conditioning and ventilation (HVAC)

•          Basic internal finishes


What is a Cat B Fit-out?


Cat B fit-outs are for clients who want a full interior design package for their office space. This is often when taking over a blank space or refurbishing an existing office. Cat B works are tailored to fit the company’s branding and any unique characteristics. Cat B fit-outs create visually appealing environments space planned to enhance employee productivity and well-being, considering the use of workstations, meeting rooms and breakout zones. Cat B works also involve the installation of required audio and visual equipment and electrical, data and IT requirements. Once a Cat B fit-out is completed, you're ready to start working in your functional space.

What Does a Cat B Fit-out Include?


•          Workstations and office furniture

•          Partitioning such as stud walls and glass screens

•          Fully fitted kitchens

•          Breakout areas

•          Flooring such as vinyl tiles and carpet transitions

•          Wall finishes

•          Door finishes

•          Reconfiguring air-conditioning and HVAC

•          Installation of appropriate power and electrical requirements

•          Lighting specification and installation

•          IT installation and infrastructure

•          Design and brand detailing

•          Signage and way-finding

•          Bespoke features such as moss walls and reception desks


Making the Right Choice for Your Space


Cat A works are typically best if you are working with a smaller budget and only want basic finishes. Your project timeline will be reduced, but you won’t receive a high level of customisation. Think of Cat A as an empty shell and Cat B as a fully designed and tailored space for your business identity. You can take a look at our workspace design projects here.


Contact Us


If you’d like advice on what kind of fit-out meets your business goals or to discuss transforming your workplace, you can book a consultation by using our contact form, emailing or calling us. 


Call: 01223 952992

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