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How to create an immersive gym space

Want to design an energising gym space? Here are the key design aspects you need to consider to make your gym a success.

In the era of large-scale chain gyms, exercise spaces have fallen prey to uniformity and practical blandness. Not only can this be aesthetically boring, but it could also put off potential new gym-goers.

So what do you need to think about when it comes to designing a gym space that immerses users and attracts new people through your doors? Let’s take a closer look.

Reception: first impressions are key

When designing a gym space, you need to think about your customer journey, from the moment they step through your door. Your reception area is what introduces visitors into your gym, which means that making the right impression is a must.

Set the tone for the experience and start informing people about your business by ensuring your brand and logo are highly visible. Put it front and centre by featuring it on the reception desk itself, as well as surrounding walls. This is also the place to introduce the colour scheme of your gym (more on this below), which will give new visitors an indication of what they’ll find inside.

You should also think about the location of your reception area. Can you see the gym floor from it? This could be a good way to entice people in.

Create an atmosphere

Once you’ve sorted your reception area, it’s time to get really creative.

To begin, you need to establish the type of atmosphere you want to have in your gym. Choosing the right colour scheme is key to this.

You may want to consider different colours for different zones. For instance, bright hues are ideal choices for high-energy areas, such as cardio sections. Orange can invoke enthusiasm and activity, whereas yellow and red can be motivating. Think about creating a bit of drama with highlighter-bright colours applied to a few walls or on columns and beams.

You can then pair these high-intensity areas with bright lighting. Choose ‘cool’ lights that sit on the blue spectrum for these sections. This will not only provide illumination, so that gym users can see clearly, but also trigger mental stimulation. To spice things up, add in a few neon lights on the walls.

In less-active zones, you may want to use a softer palette. Greens and blues are soothing, making them ideal for sections used for stretching or yoga. These can be paired with ‘warmer’ lights. You may even want to install some soft downlighting or surround lighting for mirrors to create a peaceful vibe.

Alternatively, you can create a harmonious feeling throughout your gym using elements of biophilic design. Installing living walls into your exercise space and reception, while making use of natural materials – such as wood for the floor – are ideal for an atmosphere of wellbeing. This will be particularly effective if your gym has plenty of natural light.

Keep the consistency

Once you’ve established your colour scheme and general theme, make sure it flows throughout all your spaces. This includes changing areas and the toilets.

This will create a more immersive experience for your gym goers and will keep inspiration high.

A consistent approach also means that you need to ensure your branding is woven throughout the area. Think about applying it to walls, mirrors and equipment where possible.

Show the way with signposting

Signs are a necessary part of every gym space, but they don’t have to be boring.

Be playful with your signage and riff off your brand if possible. Bear your overall vibe in mind too. If you’re going for a naturalistic feel, try out a moss wall sign. If yours is a more high-energy space, opt for something a little bolder.

Whatever you choose, keep your font consistent and in-keeping with your overall brand.

Of course, some signs don’t necessarily need to be text-based. See if you can switch some out with graphics. The changing rooms could be a good place to try this.

Need some help with gym design?

If you would like us to help you create a buzzing new gym space, get in touch today to book a consultation.

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