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Moss Wall Making: A Guide

Find out how to add a pop of colour and texture to your commercial space with our guide to making a moss wall.


Moss walls are becoming an increasingly popular feature of commercial interiors all over the UK, from office and shops, to restaurants and showrooms.

They tie in with the trend for biophilic design, adding bright colour and texture to a room while also harnessing the power of nature to boost the well-being and mood of those working nearby.

So, if you’re looking to add some vibrancy and a link to the natural world in your workplace, read on to find out what you need to do to create your very own moss wall.

Step 1: Gather Your Equipment

To start your DIY moss wall project, you’re going to need the following:

● A wooden frame with a backing such as MDF to protect your moss and give it structure (this can be any size or shape you like)

● Wood glue

● Moss

● Accessories (if desired)

If you’re designing your moss wall for an interior space, it is best to opt for preserved moss, which has been treated with a chemical such as glycerin or paraffin to keep it intact. This preservation occurs when the moss is at its most vibrant, ensuring the bright colours most customers want.

The biggest advantage of preserved moss is that it requires basically no maintenance, aside from the odd dusting every now and then. Live moss, on the other hand, will require more care and is therefore better suited to the outdoors.

When it comes to choosing your preserved moss, you can take your pick from three main types: flat moss, reindeer moss and bun moss.

Flat moss is grassy in appearance and makes a good base for your moss wall design. Reindeer moss is more unruly and has a wild appearance, whereas bun moss has a rounded shape. A combination of all three kinds will give you a particularly eye-catching design.

Most suppliers of moss are based in Europe, particularly in the north, so you will need to bear transport time in mind when planning your moss wall project.

Step 2: Start Your Design

Once you have your equipment and moss at the ready you can start the fun part.

Lay your frame on a flat surface and start to arrange your moss inside it to figure out where you would like everything to go.

Think about the different textures of the moss you are using to create something eye-catching. Flat moss is a good one to get down to begin with. You can then try adding some bun moss before filling in any gaps with reindeer moss.

To add little highlights to the design, you may want to have a play around with some accessories, such as pieces of dried bark or twigs. You can also experiment with the inclusion of a company sign or logo to keep it on brand.

Once you’re happy with how your moss is laid out, take a photo of it so that you don’t forget where everything goes.

Step 3: Stick Down Your Creation

It is now time to start sticking things down.

The easiest way to do this is to carefully remove your creation and then coat the backing of the frame in wood glue. Let this become tacky before you start attaching the moss.

Use your photo to guide you as you attach the moss to the frame. Try not to press too hard; otherwise you will crush the moss and spoil the design.

Step 4: Leave To Dry

Once you have finished sticking everything to your frame, you can leave the glue to dry. This will take about a day.

When the adhesive is dry, gently use your finger to ‘wiggle’ the moss and the accessories. If anything feels a little loose, you may need to add a bit more wood glue to ensure that nothing falls off when you go to hang up your moss wall.

If everything feels secure, you can attach your creation to the wall. Make sure it is displayed away from strong, direct sunlight and sources of heating, such as radiators. These can bleach your moss or cause it to shrivel and fall out.

Once it’s hung, you can step back to admire your handiwork!

Make Moss Walls With Us!

On the 21st July, we will be hosting Future Spaces in Norwich, an event that will show how creative design and materials can help us to build more sustainable workplaces. As part of this event, attendees can opt to take part in a moss wall workshop, creating their own works of art to take home with them.

To find out more about the event, and get your tickets here

You can also find out more about how we can help you to reinvent your commercial space by getting in touch with us on 01223 952992.

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