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Zonal Flooring in the Workplace - Soft Barriers

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

We take a look at one of the many ways you can assist the implementation of social distancing measures in an office environment, by using zonal flooring.

Open plan offices may struggle to find adequate ways to keep employees distanced when returning to work, following the adjustments to current coronavirus rules. Zonal flooring is one effective way to keep continuity with a new spatial design, and clearly divide large open plan spaces into concise, targeted areas.

A change in flooring gives visual cues as to how a space should be interpreted, and can subtly direct users to navigate a space in a more controlled way, without relying only on severe instruction.


Benefits of Zonal Flooring

  • Control foot flow

  • Clearly distinguish work, meeting, communal and entrance areas

  • Easily identifiable distance markers

  • Visual division of large spaces

  • Aesthetic way to add interest to a space and incorporate company colours

  • Subtle separation of space, without sole use of walls and harsh partitions

  • Considerate to future restructuring

  • Cost effective, quick to install

  • As subtle or bold as desired

  • Long term, or temporary, practical solution


It is possible that by introducing zonal flooring, employees can be limited to definitive ‘regions’, whilst high traffic areas can be more effectively controlled.

Use of soft barriers, such as flooring, can have the desired positive impact without drastically altering an existing space. Without solid and perhaps physical barriers, company culture and atmosphere are not impeded, and employees may feel less restricted and enclosed.

Whilst being beneficial to environment, flooring is a very quick and cost-effective way to implement some of the new distancing measures. It gives you the freedom to experiment with a temporary solution, used only until restrictions are completely lifted, or as a permanent fixture if desired.


Whatever the long-term intention for an open plan office, zonal flooring is worth considering to aid your efforts in protecting a retuning workforce and social distancing in the workplace.


We hope you’ve found some of these options helpful, if you would like a quote for trade prices or more info on any of these please contact us.

If you have any more suggestions please feel free to drop them in the comments below, we’re always keen to explore more ideas.

We’re here to help you.

Take Care.


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