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Meet the team: Emily Batten

Get to know our newest Interior Designer and learn more about where she gets her inspiration from.

Tell us a little about your experience as an interior designer.

I studied Fine Art & Design at university and then did Master’s in interior design. I then began working in residential design before moving into commercial, which had always been something I gravitated towards during my studies. I’ve been lucky enough to work on a variety of projects across all fields, but I’ve always been interested in commercial design.

Is interior design something you always wanted to do?

Absolutely! I’ve always been drawn towards beautiful spaces, whether it's gyms, workspaces, restaurants or cafés. I love the fact I now have the opportunity to be able to design spaces people fall in love with and want to talk about.

How would you describe yourself as a designer?

I like to take time to consider the minor details. I take time to research the client’s company and its values, and then I try to incorporate things that truly reflect the company. I always aim to think a little bit outside the box to create a unique space for the client.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I put a lot of thought into my designs. I actually do a lot of thinking while I’m going about my day-to-day activities which is why a notebook to hand us crucial! I get an idea as a starting point and then the design builds itself from there. I also enjoy visiting beautiful places like restaurants. I take inspiration from what I see, so it can come from anywhere!

What trends are emerging in 2023?

What we are definitely seeing a lot of is ‘resimercial’ design, which is a combination of ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’ design. Offices are definitely recognising the importance to create a space that makes people want to return to work. This means creating appealing breakout areas and curating a calming and relaxed atmosphere so that people can work to their full potential.

What are some of the challenges clients face when it comes to interior design for commercial spaces?

Working for clients with many employees can be challenging as that’s a lot of individuals to design for. You therefore need to create little areas to suit different individuals and personalities so that everyone has somewhere that they feel comfortable working.

This is why many open plan offices are transitioning into flexible and ‘broken’ floorplans. Broken plan interiors have more in the way of pockets of privacy and zones, allowing us to create different spaces which cater for everyone.

Why did you want to work for Layrd Design?

When the job first came up, I firstly checked their social media. Not only does their projects speak for themselves, but their values, sustainability commitment and ethos were really prominent and that instantly appealed to me. There also seemed to be a really good work culture. Since joining, it’s been absolutely great to work as part of their team.

What are you looking forward to once you’ve settled in?

I think my main focus at the moment is watching the progress on the projects I have started since joining the team. Fitting these projects and seeing the final result is currently at the forefront of my mind and I look forward to seeing the end results! We also have a lot of exciting events coming up this year from charity events to award ceremonies, definitely stay tuned!

Want to create an exciting new commercial space?

Speak to Emily and the team at Layrd Design about your commercial space by calling 01223 952992 today.

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