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Meet the team: Eleanor Whitwell

Get to know our new Marketing Assistant and learn more about her experience, why she is excited to work for Layrd Design and what she is looking forward to once she has settled into the role.

Tell us a little bit about your previous experience.

In 2023, I finished studying Fashion Communication and Promotion at Norwich University of the Arts, which covered all things marketing, from photography, branding and campaigns to publications. I’ve always been interested in interiors and adapted my projects to focus on visual merchandising and store design. While at university, I interned in the marketing department at a homeware and jewellery company. This is where I decided I’d try to aim for a Marketing Assistant role next.

Have you always been interested in marketing?

I first recognised the interest while doing work experience in the marketing team at an environmental charity during my A Levels. It’s where I first encountered working on socials and writing blog posts, magazine articles and press releases. This experience heavily influenced my decision to go on and do something marketing-related at university.

What does your role at Layrd Design involve?

As the Marketing Assistant, I work on content creation for social media and scheduling. On the website, I write blog posts and create case studies alongside general page updates. I’m also involved in producing the marketing materials for upcoming events, working on PR and developing new elements to align with the 2024 marketing strategy.

Describe your typical day.

I tend to start by looking at my inbox and Asana tasks before planning my day with a to-do list and blocking out some time for tasks in my schedule. I’ll also see if there are any meetings or events that day that I’m going to be involved in. The rest of the day tends to depend on what’s coming up for Layrd Design, and each day seems completely different. For instance, today, I’m going to do some blog research for a new post, design some outreach assets and schedule for socials. Yesterday, I was taking on-site photos!

Why did you want to work for Layrd Design?

I was so fond of their existing projects on the website, and the role perfectly combined my love of marketing with my interest in spaces. I also found that the company values, particularly around sustainability, aligned with the kind of company I've always hoped to work for. I also loved meeting the whole team in my interview.

What’s your favourite part of marketing?

Working on written elements is one of my favourite aspects of marketing. I like gaining an understanding of tone of voice and getting to shout about what we do as a company. In my interview, we spoke a lot about pushing email marketing campaigns, which I’ve enjoyed previously, so I’m excited to get stuck into working on the newsletter and email outreach.

What are you most looking forward to once you’ve fully settled in?

I’m most looking forward to the events we have lined up. This month I’ll be attending PerformX, a fitness event, with Gina, our gym design expert. I’m also so excited about Future Spaces in September, a Layrd event that showcases the future of interiors. There is already a fantastic line-up of talks and sponsors, and our venue is lovely.

Want to learn more about Layrd Design?

Read our About page, or contact the studio:

Call us at 01223 952992

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