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Layrd Life: February 2024

This blog post marks the first instalment of Layrd Life, a brand-new blog series offering a glimpse into the dynamic and collaborative work environment at Layrd Design. We’re a commercial interior design company that prioritizes fostering not only creative excellence but also a vibrant and engaging company culture.

February saw our team actively engaged in a diverse range of activities, from hosting our first-ever BCO talk and tour event, immersing ourselves in the latest innovations at industry shows and heading for a day out in London to visit the Clerkenwell showrooms.

An afternoon working outside of the studio at our award-winning project, Douce.

BCO Talk & Tour at Riverlane

February marked a significant milestone for Layrd Design with our first-ever BCO Talk & Tour event. Held in central Cambridge, at the striking office design scheme we completed in October 2023 for the rapidly growing quantum computing company Riverlane, the event was a resounding success with industry guests. 

During the event, Eleanor Penny, our workspace specialist, delivered a captivating talk that delved into the human-centric approach and how it was implemented throughout the Riverlane scheme. The focus? Creating a space that caters to diverse working styles and fosters seamless expansion for the company's future growth.

Jim Taylour, Head of Ergonomics and Well-being at Orangebox explored the critical role of ergonomics and inclusivity in designing workplaces that are both welcoming and functional. This collaborative discussion provided valuable perspectives on creating spaces that prioritise employee well-being and productivity. Following the talks, attendees embarked on a guided tour of the Riverlane workspace before finishing up with networking in the main breakout area.

Clerkenwell Showroom Day

Our February calendar included an exciting Clerkenwell design day, where our team ventured into the heart of London's design hub to introduce our newer team members to key suppliers and expose the team to the latest industry trends. We were fascinated by the design and presentation of samples in the Solus ceramics showroom, which serves as a great immersive space for inspiration and creativity.

Executive Experience at CUFC - The Layrd Lounge

The team was able to experience a game day in the executive suite, The Layrd Lounge, at Cambridge United FC. We've been official partners of the club since the completion of our first project at the Cledara Abbey. In this time, we've completed multiple hospitality spaces, including The Layrd Lounge, The Boardroom and The Signature Suite. We were treated to a three-course meal and this experience served as a fantastic opportunity for our team to connect and celebrate our shared passion for the club and the local community.

Industry Shows

In February, we attended two industry-leading events: The Surface Design Show and The Workspace Design Show. Both shows, held at The Business Design Centre, provided a wealth of inspiration and valuable insights. The Surface Design Show immersed us in a world of cutting-edge trends, products, and innovations in the realm of finishes. This event showcased everything from new materials to innovative textures, allowing our designers to stay at the forefront of the industry. It was a fantastic opportunity to explore potential suppliers and ignite creative ideas for future projects.

Following our exploration at The Surface Design Show, we pivoted our focus to the Workspace Design Show. This event, brimming with diverse supplier stands and insightful talks, offered a glimpse into the future of workplace design. Our junior designer, Sam Alldus, was particularly captivated by Mute, a company specialising in efficient and aesthetically pleasing room-in-room solutions. Their Omnirooms product line impressed with its adaptability, perfectly suited for customised client needs. Our team also observed a panel discussion on Insights and Perspectives on the Convergent Future of Workspace. This thought-provoking session sparked valuable conversations about the evolving nature of workspaces and how design can best accommodate these changes.

Sketch & Social

February saw Sketch & Social buzzing with creative energy as four exciting events filled the calendar. Gina hosted two Galentine's pottery workshops in collaboration with Amber B Pottery. Participants explored by working with clay and crafting charming pinch pots. We were also thrilled to launch our very first Ely special event, bringing Sketch & Social to a new location, The Yard, a street food influenced restaurant we completed the design of in 2023. This expansion allowed us to connect with even more local creatives and foster a vibrant artistic community. At its core, Sketch & Social is all about fostering connections, encouraging artistic exploration, and having fun. Regardless of location or theme, our events provide a welcoming space for creatives to gather, enjoy refreshments, and delve into a chosen artistic pursuit.

February at Layrd Design was a whirlwind of activity, showcasing our commitment to both professional development and fostering a vibrant team culture. From industry events and supplier exploration to engaging in creative pursuits at Sketch & Social, the month provided invaluable learning experiences and opportunities to strengthen internal connections. We look forward to sharing further insights into Layrd Life and the exciting projects on the horizon in the next instalment.

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