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The Yard
Ely, Cambridgeshire 

The Yard is a street food influenced restaurant and 'foodie heaven', based in the city of Ely, Cambridgeshire. The venue is the latest brilliant offering from the owners behind the much-loved Silver Oak Coffee.

Spread across five shipping containers, The Yard features both indoor and outdoor searting, a children's play area, bar and restaurant. The vision was to create an exciting and vibrant space that both serves the existing community, but also helps to attract visitors to historic city.

The completed scheme is a colourful and relaxing space that oozes energy and life. It is a space for families to relax and enjoy food together, for friends to meet and socialise under the dramatic canopy, and for dog walkers to call in for a morning pastry and coffee - with an emphasis placed on shared space and community.

The individual shipping containers are all unique, and were designed bespoke for the client. The canopy was also made to fit the site, and work all five surrounding containers.

Using shipping containers is a sustainable choice - they were all previously used, and require fewer raw materials to turn them into usable spaces.

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Year Completed:

Project Length:
18 Months


Project Size:
900 Sqm



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We have been mindful to make environmentally responsible choices throughout, using natural and sustainable materials wherever possible, including using pre-used containers, reusing existing materials and fitting from the site. We also used local trades and suppliers to lower the carbon footprint of the project.

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