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Eventus22: Gym design case study

Gyms today are about so much more than just fitness. They are a community, a space for people to connect and engage with their health, and one another. Gym memberships are affected by a diverse array of different factors, not least the look and feel of the space itself. That’s why, when Eventus22 invited us to reimagine its interiors, we jumped at the chance.

The Bury St Edmunds gym unveiled a bold new brand in 2022, designed to energise and motivate members, as well as encouraging a team spirit. This was translated into a brief for an interior design and fit-out scheme to transform its dated industrial unit into a dynamic and functional space that could accommodate an increased membership base.

The Brief

The Eventus22 team requested that the finished gym should provide a bespoke space to empower and energise its members, remaining on message and in keeping with the new brand.

The new gym needed to allow for 3 group sessions at any one time, while other members enjoy a solo workout. In addition, improved changing and shower facilities for all members was needed.

The Challenge

Many of the obstacles encountered during the project related to the existing architecture. As a former industrial unit, there was lots of breeze block, a high metal roof, bright yellow roller doors and exposed pipes and wiring.

Much of this couldn’t be changed for practical and financial reasons and while it could be perceived as a bold aesthetic, it could also feel both literally and metaphorically cold instead of personal and motivational.

The Solution

Our team of designers used some of the challenges to their advantage during the design process, making use of the existing architecture and features to shape the colour scheme. Keeping the existing bright yellow roller doors, Layrd Design chose black as an accent colour. The combination of black and yellow creates a bold and dynamic scheme that feels both personal and energising, which seemed like the perfect combination for Eventus22.

In addition, black walls are practical and give the space a limitless feel, at once both spacious and intimate, while angular yellow graphics make it pop with an exciting and contemporary vibe.

Lighting also helped to soften the industrial atmosphere. We selected hanging light fittings that created a ‘dummy’ ceiling effect, disguising the industrial ceiling beyond.

The customer journey was key to the success of the space and was carefully considered. From entering the gym, members embark on an immersive experience. Bold design and dramatic LED tube lighting catch the eye and help signpost key areas.

Clever decor and design create zones for the various workout areas, while reinforcing the brand values and its dynamic message, with the company logo and branding seen frequently from the entrance onwards. The new lighting can be adjusted throughout and used to highlight selected spaces, helping to create dividers within the gym. Artificial turf strips were also used on the floors to define discrete areas.

A variety of wall and floor signage applications were used to enhance the sense of place within Eventus22, with additional branding added to equipment itself. The showers and WCs are user friendly and on-brand too, reinforcing the gym’s identity right at the end of a member’s visit.

It took 10 weeks to transform this 425m2 interior into a cohesive gym space with a modern design aesthetic that’s flexible and ready to take on an increased membership.

See the full project here

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