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RC3762 - Gardline Rev B_High_002.jpg

Private Client Office Design

We were approached to produce a complete interior design scheme for a private client based in Norfolk.

The brief was to create a unique and coastal inspired workspace with sustainability at its core. 

The layout consists of a bright welcoming area, large tea point and breakout area to cater for both refreshments and agile working throughout the day, open plan work spaces and acoustic pods. We have used a soft pastel inspired palette whihc is complemented by natural timbers and planting to add to the nature inspired design.

The open office has large suspended planters over areas of desks to offer acoustic support but also aid with employee wellbeing and incorporate important biophilic elements through the workspace. Flooring was used throughout the scheme to create pathways and separate the various zones.

RC3762 - Gardline Rev B_High_003.jpg

Year Completed:

Project Length:
2 Weeks


Project Size:
800 Sqm



RC3762 - Gardline Rev B_High_001.jpg
  • The scheme incorporates 100% recycled fabrics made from ocean waste.

  • Cradle to cradle certified flooring throughout the space.

  • Low VOC paints

  • New ventilation system to increase efficiency 

  • Reception desk made from recycled plastic

  • 80% recycled content tiles

  • Biophilia and plants throughout.

RC3762 - Gardline Rev B_High_004.jpg
RC3762 - Gardline Rev B_High_002.jpg
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