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Future Spaces 2023

Future Spaces is a concept created by Layrd Design. The events are to showcase the future of interior spaces filled with talks from inspiring speakers, interactive workshops and networking opportunities. Learn how to create amazing spaces using innovative approaches and materials.

Our first Future Spaces event was held at Norwich Football Club in 2022, following its success we decided to bring this to Cambridge to a wider audience.

The Day.

In June 2023 we hosted the first Cambridge Future Spaces event.

We filled the West Hub in Cambridge with Orangebox furniture and enjoyed the afternoon of networking, thought provoking talks around sustainability within the industry, an interactive workshop and plant-based food and drink. The topics of wellbeing and the future of interior design brought many individuals together for the day.

Our speakers included:

Will Mayes, Layrd Design

Will opened the day by introducing the concept of Future Spaces and who Layrd Design are.

Michael Aastrup, Tarkett

Michael gave us an insight into Tarkett flooring and sustainable choices within the industry.

Eleanor Penny, Layrd Design

Eleanor followed the workshop in the afternoon and explained her view on the floor plan. We saw an office design through a designers eye and learnt the reasons behind the scheme.

Luke Palmer, Orangebox

Luke closed the event with their honest talk on the circular economy and this being a shared responsibility.

The Workshop.

What is the future workplace?

The ways in which we all work have changed significantly in the last few years, ideas surrounding what the workplace is are being challenged and reconsidered everyday. As a result, companies need to be able to meet the new expectations of employees for a workplace that balances both office & remote working, with the office as a hub for socialisation, collaboration and organic interactions.

With the increase in life science & tech innovation hubs, companies must work hard to attract & retain the best new talent. This makes it vital for workplaces to develop a clear company culture, brand image, and values that ultimately create environments that employees want to be in and feel inspired by.

Our vision for the workshop was to invite attendees to explore what the future of the workplace will be using laser cut boards and furniture based on an office floorplan. Each team created a space based off the set brief whilst networking within the set teams.

The workshop was very successful and individuals were able to take home new ideas on workplace design. Layrd Design are looking forward to developing this workshop to take it further.

The Sponsors.

We have to thank all of our sponsors for supporting Future Spaces and being there on the day. We couldn’t put on these events without you.

The Place.

The West Hub, opened early 2022, is Cambridge University's first co-working space at the heart of the emerging Innovation District. The sustainable building scored an 'Excellent' BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment

Method) for its low-energy rating.

We’re excited to bring Future Spaces back in 2024, see more updates on

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