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5 Essentials for Hot Desking

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Hot desking is certainly a ‘hot’ topic these days. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, office-based businesses the world over are permanently shifting to hybrid and remote working patterns, having reaped the benefits for more than 2 years. And the key to making this work is hot desking.


Hot desking, where employees don’t work at set desks, has numerous benefits. Not least because it allows businesses to expand the size of their teams without increasing their footprint. In fact, many organisations are using hot desking to reduce the size of their offices, and their overheads. With inflation continuing to rise in the UK, it’s a trend that looks set to stay.

But it’s not just advantageous for the employer. Many employees also feel the benefits of hybrid working and hot desking. They have time to focus at home but also collaborate with their colleagues at the office, enjoying opportunities to socialise and share ideas. And, unsurprisingly, that sense of community and culture helps businesses to attract new employees!

Of course, if you want to implement hot-desking in your office there’s lots of different aspects to consider. From rotas and booking systems to zoning, communication and privacy, getting it right takes a lot of careful planning. To help you and your employees adjust to these new ways of working, we’ve put together a selection of our hottest hot desk accessories.

Top 5 Hot Desk Tools

1. Hot Desk Bags

One of the primary employee complaints about hot desking is the lack of a designated space for personal belongings. On paper, there’s nowhere to store personal items and tools in the office so workers have to move all of their items around with them. But this can be easily solved by offering employees a dedicated hot desk bag or caddy. All personal items can then be kept in one handy bag, so they can be easily moved from desk to desk without their owner wondering where they left their cables and other essentials. At Layrd Design, we’re fans of the Ubi Mobile Bag and the Hot Box 2 caddy.

Ubi Mobile Bag - Photo By Herman Miller

2. Hot Desk Pods

One of the potential downsides of hot desking in an open-plan environment is noise disturbance and distractions. If you’re sitting next to a talkative colleague it can be difficult to get work done. Hot desk pods are an ideal solution. Fully enclosed, these soundproof booths are ideal for private conversations, phone calls or focused work in an open office.

On the QT - Photo By Orangebox

3. Hot Desk Lockers

Secure, movable pedestals are the ultimate in hot desking flexibility. Files, belongings and tech can be locked into an employee’s pedestal at the end of the day and wheeled to a designated storage space until it’s needed again, keeping the space neat and tidy.

Follow Me 2 - Photo By Vitra

4. Desk Gantries

Long conference tables can be ideal for collaboration, but distracting for focused work. That’s where moveable gantries can come in. Secured to the middle of a long bank of desks, retractable screens can be pulled down from the gantries to create some privacy.

Pailo 4 Person Bench - Photo By Senator

5. Screens and Dividers

We’ve seen upholstered screens used to great effect within several offices. Not only can they be used to create different zones within your workspace, but they can provide privacy and reduce noise disturbance. Plus, if they’re on casters, they can be neatly moved out of the way when they’re not in use.

Play Screens - Photo By Senator

Planning to Implement Hot Desking?

We can help! Our experienced team can help you design the ideal set-up for your space, so you can enjoy the many benefits of hybrid working. Get in touch today!

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