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Meet the team: Sam Alldus

Meet Sam, our new Junior Interior Designer here at Layrd. Hear more on his journey, where he gets inspiration and what the future could look like.


Tell us a little about your experience as an interior designer.


As a recent graduate from Interior Architecture and Design, this is my first role purely focusing on just interiors. Though I haven’t previously focused on interior design, I see myself as a flexible designer having studied Product Design, Graphics and art before University, I have a range of different perspectives and approaches to design.

Is Interior Design something you always wanted to do?


Honestly, I have never been sure what I wanted to do, but I have always wanted to be a designer. Since I was a child, I have always wanted to make things from my imagination, from playing with Lego to making furniture during my A levels, design has always been a passion, and I just kept wanting to go bigger. While researching courses within architecture, I felt as if the industry didn’t fall in line with my views on sustainability, which is when I turned my focus to the reuse and adaption of existing spaces.

Where do you get your inspiration?


I base my design ethos on a lot of my favourite designers, specifically Charles and Ray Eames, as well as principles from the likes of Bauhaus. I feel it's important that the purpose and function of a space is established before the aesthetic, as the priority of a design should be something which works well and lasts. When considering the look and feel of a space, I always look to fit the client's needs and trends to create what I would consider the best possible designs.


Why did you want to work at Layrd?


When looking for my first job as a designer, it was important that I found a job that suited my morals as a designer while also providing an environment to grow and learn as a designer. Layrd offered this and more to me, making it a no-brainer! During the interview, it was clear the company would be a great place for me to learn while making great connections and doing something I loved.

What are you looking forward to once you’ve settled?


I cannot wait to start working on a range of unique projects to discover myself as a designer and grow as a person. I will be looking to get stuck into as many experiences as I can.


Get in touch!


Contact Sam or one of the team today on 01223 952992 or

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