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How plants can help workers in the return to the office

As we make the slow and steady return to the workplace, businesses will be adapting to ensure their space is suitable and safe within the ‘new normal’. And a key point of focus within the new office work life will be collaboration.

It’s the one major thing we’ve missed most during the pandemic; collaborating with our colleagues, and, of course, just being able to chat with people outside of our home ‘bubble’.

With the workplace changing, it’ll be up to businesses to understand what they can do to improve the office for collaborative, safe and inspiring working. And there may be one thing they may not have considered which can really help to boost the workplace environment, and even clean the air - by utilising plants.

Plants have an array of benefits that make them a great feature for office environments.

The team at Plant Plan have shared their top five ways plants can help improve workplaces, so maybe it’s time to consider adding some greenery to your office?


Reducing toxins

With offices being a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, with the pandemic set to be here for the long term, it’s important that the air is kept as clean as possible to reduce the spread of infections.

Opening windows and using an air filtration system are both used frequently to provide cleaner air, but plants can be utilised in office spaces to help remove toxins in the immediate area.

Plants are effective in helping to reduce toxins and viruses in enclosed spaces, and are even able to regulate the temperature.

This can help to reduce the use of central heating and air conditioning in an office environment, which is another cause of the circulation of toxins.


Adding colour and interest to the office environment

It may seem like a simple point, but plants can really help to make an office space much more vibrant and interesting to visitors and members of staff.

And, when incorporated with stunning design features, plants can complement any interior design scheme effortlessly, breathing life into any working space.


Improve mental wellbeing

When adding plants into an office space, they are also a great way of positively improving our wellbeing, mental health and to reduce cases of depression.

In more technical terms, when utilising plants in an office space, workers react well to this sort of environment. This is because the natural elements used bring a feeling of calm and relaxation, and plants have been a proven way to relieve people from stress, which is vital in a workplace situation.


Increase productivity

Findings have shown that workplace productivity can increase by 15% when plants are incorporated into an office design.

This is due to the fact that typical office environments are full of distractions, from computers and phones being designed to catch our attention and distract us.

Nature isn’t designed in this way, so, although beautiful, nature intrigues in other ways, calming us down and helping to remove these constant distractions and help us to focus better.

This focus will help to promote increased productivity, which shows great promise for business owners.


Boost creativity

Being in an inspiring environment can help workers to think creatively; whether that’s in a creative job, or just as a way of problem-solving as part of their daily tasks.

The vivid green of luscious leaves or the introduction of bright coloured flowers can certainly help to provide inspiration for office workers, with the stimulation of the senses sure to increase the flow of ideas.

With plants having a range of benefits in the workplace, is it time you added some greenery to your space as a welcome return to the office?

For more information on how to incorporate plants into your workplace, why not talk to the experts at Plant Plan to bring life into your office space.

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