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Get creative at our Sketch & Social Cambridge meetups!

Here at Layrd Design, we love to get creative with the spaces we’ve been tasked with reimagining. However we also like to get out of our workplace, socialise and indulge in a little extra-curricular creativity!

That’s why we set up Sketch & Social. It’s a fun and free, fortnightly sketching group open to anyone who’d like to join us for some drawing and a chat.

At every Cambridge meetup we organise a new space to sketch in which provides an encouraging atmosphere for new creatives and an opportunity for more experienced artists to try something new.

We’ve also begun to set little challenges to steer your creativity if you’re looking for a bit more direction. For instance, at our sixth meetup, we invited our guests to only use colour for their artwork. At one of our earlier Cambridge meetups, attendees took part in a speed-dating style round of portraits. Mixing the theme and location up each week keeps things interesting!

“Sketch & Social is about bringing people together over common ground. Whatever your walk of life, if you enjoy unwinding over a sketch, you’re sure to meet likeminded people at S&S. It’s about taking time to step away from the everyday chaos and do something for yourself.” - Gina Clarke

How creativity is bringing people together in Cambridge

We’re cultivating this free sketching club in Cambridge to be a fun and friendly place to meet new people and try new things. It’s a great place to get inspired by others and their creations, as well as the perfect excuse to step away from your screens for an evening.

Taking time out from our busy lives to indulge in a little creativity can also be great for our mental health.

Research has suggested that drawing can help to lift negative moods. It’s also been found to help make people more relaxed and to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. If you find that your mind is often buzzing late into the night, drawing, colouring or carrying out other creative tasks can help you to focus and to absorb yourself in the task at hand.

Our Sketch & Social Cambridge meetups also give local businesses a boost as we host our events all over the city, often in eateries and bars.

“Wow! Fantastic sketches and such a great gathering. So lovely to have creative events in Cambridge.” - Lele

“Fabulous to see everyone’s contributions and heartened to see a range from accomplished to beginners. Really enjoyed the event and hope to come again.” - F.D Barratt

Want to come along?

If you’d like to join our next drawing group in Cambridge, make sure you start following our dedicated Instagram account, @sketchandsocial. When an event is coming up, we’ll post the location so you know where to go. Meet-ups usually start at 6pm and end at 8pm.

Please bring your own sketch pad and your favourite art materials so you’re ready to go. If there’s a theme, we’ll let you know on Instagram beforehand so you know what to expect.

We hope to see you there!

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