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Designing with Wall Tiles: Making a Statement

Wall tiles are not just for bathrooms and kitchen splashbacks. Bold, versatile and practical, wall tiles can transform a commercial space. Read on to find out more…


When you think of wall tiles, bathrooms and kitchens probably spring to mind but tiles have a historic precedent for making an impact on walls all over. From Mesopotamia to Ancient Egypt, wall tiles have been deployed to make an impression. Now we can reap the same visual and practical benefits to give commercial spaces a true creative punch.

Why are wall tiles suited to commercial spaces?

When it comes to commercial spaces, it isn’t just the people employed there who work hard. The spaces themselves need a design that not only looks good but is durable and versatile.

This is where wall tiles excel. Hard-wearing and easy to maintain, they can withstand people brushing past, children’s sticky fingers and the odd bump or two. Tiles are also less susceptible to the fading effects of UV light which is ideal if you don’t want to keep touching up a paint job.

Finally, wall tiles can give your working environment a bit of a boost. Unlike many types of paint, tiles do not release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air, which can have a negative effect on your indoor air quality.

Top Wall Tile Trends

Deep Hues and Bold Colours

Minimalist trends are still running strong but more commercial spaces are beginning to cover their walls with bold and bright colour choices or richer, deeper, jewel tones. The latter are particularly high-class and elegant when teamed with a glazed tile, which enriches the tile’s colour and creates a beautiful glass-like surface. If bright colours make you a little nervous, think about using them in a feature wall to draw the eye.

Taank Optometrists - Designed By Layrd

Bringing The Outside In

Biophilic design seeks to bring the benefits of nature into our living spaces and the right wall tiles can certainly help to realise this vision. Wood-effect wall tiles add a lovely warmth and work beautifully as an accent wall, particularly when teamed with indoor plants.

Tactile Tiles

Textured wall tiles can really help you to make a statement in a commercial space and can work particularly well in restaurants and hotels because they soften the noise. You can also use clever lighting to create dramatic shadows.

Real And Rustic

Another hot trend is for rustic-looking tiles that add character. Look for tiles that have variations between them perhaps caused by different glazing times to give your wall that artisanal look.

Riverlane Office - Designed By Layrd

Perfect Patterns

Patterns are a great way to add interest to a tiled wall. We’ve noticed that herringbone patterns are particularly on trend but there are plenty of other options. You may want to mix up the colours or the tiles used for extra flair but pare back the colour palette so that things don’t become confused.

Create An Illusion

Optical illusions can certainly make visitors look twice. A great way to achieve this is by using geometric shapes that make the pattern look 3D. Cube or polygon shapes can be particularly fun and you can use them to create a retro or modern vibe.

Riverlane Office - Designed By Layrd

Finish the Wall Tile Look

Once you’ve chosen your wall tiles, add some finishing touches to make your design completely original.

Coloured grouting is a very popular trend and can be used to contrast or complement your wall tiles. It is particularly stunning when smaller tiles are used and can create a fun pop of colour if you have opted for neutral tiles.

A tiled wall can be complemented by stylish shelving too. Unadorned wooden shelving, for instance, looks lovely with trailing plants. Artwork can also be given extra drama on a statement tiled wall, so go as bold as you dare.

Queens' College - Designed By Layrd

Reimagine your Commercial Space with Wall Tiles

Want to transform your own commercial space with wall tiles? We would be happy to help! Simply get in touch with our team today.

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